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Unusual Octogen Shaped Serving Tray, Blues, Purple, Gold, White

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This wood serving tray has an unusual octogen shape. Beveled edges and cut out handles make it even more unique.

Blues, purple, white and gold swirls of resin give it a dramatic look and a glossy shine.

Not a very heavy weight tray. Easy to carry around.

Care: Wipe with a soft damp cloth or alcohol wipe. Occasionally treat the wood with a food grade mineral oil or Olive Oil.

Protective feet on the bottom will protect your countertops and furniture.

Approximate size: 13.5 x 1.5 inches

Note in the up close photos of the sides, one seam looks like it a slightly separated. The resin did not leak out of the side, so it's very slight. Because of the resin, it should not separate any more.